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  • Hana Alem

American Chamber of Commerce brought US and Ethiopian businesses and stakeholders together

AmCham Ethiopia conducted a networking event on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at Hilton Hotel with strict adherence of the COVID-19 guidelines. The networking event provided a platform to reflect on “Challenge and opportunities of COVID-19 for the Business Community”. Selamawit Samuel, Executive Vice President of Marriot Executive Apartment and Hiroki Seyana, Representative Director of Boeing Africa Operation took the podium to share their reflection on how the COVID 19 impacted their business and how they navigate through the challenges.

As the aviation and hospitality businesses are in the forefront of adjusting themselves to the new reality, the panelists share their experience on what they have done to change the crisis into the opportunity, to sustain the impact and to preserve their business.

The event’s guest of honor, Eyob Tekalegn (PhD), State Minister of FDRE Ministry of Finance, in his remark, called for the business community to be resilient and not get distracted by the impact of COVID-19 and any other factors that are impacting the overall business. His excellency recognized that the challenges are posing a very visible threat on the ongoing effort of the Ethiopian Government and the business community to accelerate and unleash the business opportunities. Considering the strong relationship between Ethiopian and US business as well as a wide range of untapped potential, Dr. Eyob reiterated his commitment to strengthen the engagement and the business partnership for a mutually beneficial achievement.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Ermias Eshetu, the board president of AmCham, stated AmCham's commitment to strengthen and continue the century-old friendship and economic ties between the US and Ethiopia. He further asserted AmCham Ethiopia’s engagement in advocating for a business-friendly policy environment, providing key business insights and promoting professional development to its members.

Hana Alem, the General Manager of Amcham, expressed her appreciation for the participants who joined the 1st networking event for the year 2021 and emphasized that AmCham has played an instrumental role in enabling and supporting the business community in preventing and slowing the spread of the COVID-19 and the importance of complying with the guidelines set forth by the relevant government agencies.

The networking session brought together local and international business leaders, U.S. dignitaries, esteemed members of AmCham, and representatives of the Ethiopian Government together. As an ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, its impact on the business community and beyond is unprecedented. Our growing business community of U.S. companies, American investors, and Ethiopian established corporations across various sectors benefited from a timely discussion, exchange of experience and networking.



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