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  • Hana Alem

Invitation For Infrastructure Sharing

To All Interested Potential Operators in the Upcoming Ethiopian Competitive Telecom Market

Ethio telecom is one of the largest telecom service providers in Africa which has been in service for more than 126 years in Ethiopia, having more than 50 million subscribers with 95% population and 85.4% geographic coverage. Following Ethiopian Government’s decision to reform the telecom market and subsequent processes to materialize the market liberalization, Ethio telecom has been undertaking multiple initiatives to ensure its readiness in terms of infrastructure sharing and establishing cooperative business relationship with interested potential operators in the upcoming competitive telecom market. As part of its preparation for the infrastructure sharing business, our company has undertaken several initiatives to enhance existing infrastructures and build new ones. Our existing 7,300+ towers are as per the new standard, TIA-222-H, which means they are ready to be shared among multiple operators. Moreover, additional sites are under development. Beside the tower enhancement and development, Ethio telecom has developed hybrid power solutions strategy to ensure site availability and made it scalable enough to accommodate additional tenant requirements. More than 50% of our sites are backed up with diesel generators and solar power solutions. We have reliable and redundant backbone transport network infrastructure spanning across the nation. The backbone fiber network stretches 21,327 km with 100G x 40λ capacity ready to be upgraded to 100G x 80λ. In the capital city, we have redundant transmission capacity of 400G x 40λ easily upgradeable to 400G x 80λ and 200G x 80λ. In addition to the backbone fiber, we have 4,000 km metro fiber in the cities.Hence, we would like to express our readiness and kindly invite interested potential operators to share our telecom infrastructures. For further discussion and information in terms of time & scope, technical requirements, and subsequent engagement, please contact our Chief Infrastructure Officer, Mr. Tariku Demissie, email:, Mobile No. +251911250746.



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